Phonics with Finn provides issue-oriented board books for babies, toddlers, and thoughtful parents. It's a passion project run by Eleanor Morrison during the hours her young son is asleep.

Our debut book C IS FOR CONSENT was successfully funded via Kickstarter in January 2018. This book follows recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Girl Scouts about allowing children to decide when and how to offer affection to others. By not forcing hugs and kisses, caregivers help kids grow up confident in their bodies, comfortable with expressing their boundaries, and respectful of the boundaries of others.

Read more about the book's inspiration here, or check out the morning show clip below.

C IS FOR CONSENT was recently chosen for a SheKnows list of "best books for baby feminists." Check out their other selections here if you're shopping for baby shower gifts!

Kirkus Reviews had this positive feedback about C IS FOR CONSENT: "Nearly all children’s books about physical affection assume that kids want hugs and kisses. Morrison provides a valuable service for children and their parents in her tale by showing how consent works and what good boundaries look like. The advice falls in line with today’s parenting experts, who recommend that kids not be forced into unwanted touching; the volume also includes worthwhile discussion questions for older children and caregivers."