C is for Consent has been covered by Huffington Post, The Independent, The Fullest, The Conscious Kid, and Believe Me.

SheKnows featured us on their list of "best books for baby feminists." Check out their other selections if you're shopping for baby shower gifts or first birthdays!

Mommyish included us on a list of "7 books to help teach your kids about consent." While C is for Consent is great for younger kids, that list provides excellent suggestions if you're buying books for older boys or girls.

The book has also received positive feedback from top reviewers:

"Morrison provides a valuable service for children and their parents in her tale by showing how consent works and what good boundaries look like. The advice falls in line with today’s parenting experts, who recommend that kids not be forced into unwanted touching; the volume also includes worthwhile discussion questions for older children and caregivers."

"A much needed primer on consent for kids and their adults. A young child navigates a party with family and friends and confidently says yes and no to hugs, kisses, and other types of touching. The text is straightforward but impactful: 'Mom’s friend gives Finn a present. Does that mean he has to hug or kiss that person? Only if he wants to...It’s his choice what happens to his body.' The cartoon art is set against pastel backgrounds, further adding to the unintimidating tone. Discussion questions conclude this necessary work."